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About  Me

Hi! My name is Emily Moran, most call me EM and like the business I am in, life is like one ever changing blue print. We all experience different changes, gravitate towards different colors, and enjoy different textures. The design world is constantly evolving exposing different color trends, patterns, and styles. And like the design world,I too, am constantly evolving.

I am a Penn State graduate who majored in International Politics and History. You are probably asking yourself a few questions. Uh, International Politics? And most likely, how did you end up on design? After graduating college, like most, I asked myself - "Okay, now what?" Born and raised in the Northern Virginia area I returned back thinking I could streamline straight into Politics - wrong.

I took the first job that came my way and tackled something I knew nothing about - construction! After a year working for a small family business, I worked my way up and discovered more and more about the construction world and the tactical games involved (much like politics). But I found myself always interested in the design aspect, that then became my main focus - to be a creative interior designer.

After a couple of years of working for other business, I decided to eliminate the political aspect of the construction world and let passion drive my creative ambition, and thus Creative EMMBITION was born. Creative Emmbition takes on Commercial interior design projects as well as Residential interior design. 

Design is a team effort - collaborating on new innovative ideas, together. With my Commercial and Residential clients, I like to work together as a team to achieve the vision they pictured and make that vision come to life. So let's work together and create a new ambition. 

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